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Our Elementary Program consists of Afterschool, February Break Camp, and Summer Camp. 


During the after-school hours, our state-licensed program provides a safe, supervised place for kids to be kids. Enrichment activities include STEM education, free playarts and crafts, community outings, cooking and baking, group games both outdoors and indoors, and more! 

Whom does this program serve?

K-5th Grade.

When does this program run?
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday | 3:00 PM-5:30 PM 

Wednesday | 2:00 PM - 5:30 PM

This program runs on the BSD calendar.

Please Note: During the school year, we are open for the hours listed above. However, if Burlington schools are closed because of a holiday or canceled because of bad weather, the program is closed as well.

Is transportation provided?
Transportation is provided by the Burlington School District; children will be picked up from their school and transported to SHCC.

Is there a tuition fee?
SHCC is open to ALL children! We accept Vermont Childcare Financial Assistance, and provide scholarships as needed. 


Adelaide LaSalle, Interim Elementary Program Director
(802) 862-6342



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most needed. 


Our Elementary Program's Wish List


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Apply for financial subsidy with the Vermont Department of Children and Families Agency of Human Services

Apply for subsidy for our Elementary Program
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