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board of directors

A women with short brunette hair

Kristin Fontaine, Chair 

Supervisor, Health Equity and Community Access | Senior Pediatric Outreach Coordinator,

The University of Vermont Medical Center

An older man wearing glasses

Bruce Chattman, Vice-Chair 

Retired Educator & Superintendent 

An older man with glasses

Larry Kupferman, Treasurer

Retired CEDO Director,

City of Burlington 

A brunette haired man wearing a suit

Kevin Brochu

Physician Assistant, 

ClearChoiceMD Urgent Care

Samuel Dingba.jpg

Samuel Dingba

Youth Program Coordinator | Case Manager,


An older woman smiling for a photo

Ducky Donath

Retired Teacher

A man smiling for a photo

Ross Fenderson

Director of Product Management,

Bay State Milling Company

A blonde women with medium length hair

Michelle Hobbs

Partner and Founder, 

Reframe Lab

A man with dark, short hair and a beard

Sasha Kapriyelov

Founding Partner,

FutureNOW Ventures

A woman smiling for a photo

Margie Kehr

Lead Quality Assurance Analyst,

Cox Automotive Inc. 

A man with short brunette hair in a button up shirt

Jeffrey Nowell

Senior Wealth Advisor | Chief Trust Officer,

Mascoma Bank

A woman smiling

Michele Patton


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