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100+ Women Who Care of Chittenden County Awards Sara Holbrook Community Center $10,000

100+ Women Who Care of Chittenden County present a $10,000 check to Sara Holbrook Community Center on February 12, 2021. Steering committee members from the left are Tina Gallagher, Emilie Donath-Crawford, and Deb Caulo with Christine Lloyd-Newberry, Executive Director from Sara Holbrook and Barbara Keller also from 100+Women Who Care.

BURLINGTON, Vermont, February 12, 2021 - 100+ Women Who Care (100+ WWC), a worldwide charitable organization with a new chapter in Chittenden County, Vermont, awarded Sara Holbrook Community Center (SHCC) with $10,000 at its third virtual meeting on January 27, 2021.

Sara Holbrook’s, Executive Director Christine-Lloyd Newberry enthusiastically exclaimed, “The opportunity to make a presentation to the members of 100+ WWC and then to be selected for this award is valuable beyond the sum of this check. We couldn't be more grateful! It is indeed that kind of support that has allowed Sara Holbrook Community Center to show up for kids and families for the last 84 years!”

South Burlington resident, Barbara Keller, helped launch the Chittenden County Chapter of 100+WWC in a year ago. “Once I heard about this incredible organization I just had to get involved,” she said. “I made the decision to start a local chapter because I wanted to see the power of likeminded women who care deeply about their community.”

100+ Women Who Care members have each committed to donating $100 quarterly (teams $50 each quarterly) and meet four times a year. Prior to the meeting, each individual member can nominate their choice of a single non-profit organization to be the recipient of the collected donations. Once all the nominations are in, three organizations are randomly selected from a hat. At the short quarterly meeting (this time via Zoom) these three organizations make their presentations. After the presentations, the members vote, and the selected nonprofit is awarded the donation of our combined $100 each contributions.

The pandemic is not stopping people from joining. In fact if anything it has helped the membership grow. Non-profits need them more than ever. “100+WWC is exactly what I have been looking for,” said a new member from Burlington, ”I have to admit, I've been a little lost since Covid-19 began as my volunteering has waned. I've been looking for ways to be involved in the community in ways that don't involve me physically being there. 100+ Women Who Care is perfect. What a great idea!”

“Our powerful team has recruited over 118 members to date,” Keller informed. “We grew from 10 members in March 2020, to 30 members in July 2020 to 60 members in October 2020. We are thrilled to see this small but mighty group grow and continue to grow.”

Runner up charities, Green Mountain Foster Bikes and Feeding Chittenden also received significant donations from other generous 100+WWC members who were touched by their compelling presentations.

A member since 100+WWC’s inception recently said, ”Women rock! But we know this. At long last, there is a vehicle now to demonstrate how cool we really are.” The next scheduled meeting is April 28, 2021 at 5:30 p.m. To join 100+ Women Who Care or for more information visit or email

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